Visual Artist & Freelance Illustrator

Gregory Baldwin is an artist and worldwide freelance illustrator who creates award-winning conceptual illustrations for an international clientele. Inventing simple imagery that communicates a complex message with clarity and humor is Gregory’s everyday challenge. He has been creatively interpreting ideas, culture and place for magazines, websites, children’s books and posters for over 20 years.

Using a fresh contemporary style, his colourful and engaging images are suitable for many contexts including editorial, publishing, websites, graphic design, advertising, for motion graphics, children’s books, and posters. Gregory understands the fast-paced world of publishing; he is reliable with a record of delivering results on schedule.


Asprey Creative
Remedy Healthcare
Virgin Australia
Redactive Custom Publishing
Bayside City Council
Remedy | Australin Unity
Copa VO2 (Brasil)
Jaffa (UK)
Built Offsite | PrefabAUS
Adobe (USA)
The Age
Cathay Pacific Discovery (Hong Kong)
Scoop Publishing
In the Black
The Australian
Australian Financial Review Magazine
Law Institute Journal
BRW Magazine
Asset Magazine
Management Today
Text Pacific
Melbourne Weekly
Australian Educator
The Bulletin
Asiaweek (China)
Asian Wall Street Journal (China)
South China Morning Post
Herald Weekly Times Magazine
Spring Carnival Magazine
F1 Grand Prix Program
Saab Magazine
Niche Media
POL Publishing
Vive Magazine
Australian Family Physician
Royal Auto Magazine
RACV Centenary Year Exhibition
Hardie Grant
CPA Magazine
The Hay Group
Science Spectrum
Australian Business School (UNSW)
Mayfly Graphic Design
Harcourt Heineman Education
Tactix Creative
Strategic Publishing Group
Asprey Di Donato Design
Swish Group
Eade & Evans Design
Telstra Publications
Lyceum Language Centre
Inside Edge Magazine
Sport Monthly Magazine
CSIRO Earthmatters
Sufferfest (Sufferlandia)
Juice Creative (UK)
University New South Wales
Federal Publishing Company tmp.worldwide
Sydney University Alumni
Jane Curry Publishing
Victora Law Handbook
Australian Author
Sydney/Melbourne Child (Copeland Publishing)
Unversity of Melbourne
McGraw-Hill (USA)
Australian Open Program 2001/2002/2006
The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
Schmooze Publication
Big Heart Music
That’s Life
Beng Design
Hardie Grant Egmont
National University of Singapore
Dorling Kindersley (UK)
Aviate (Traffic Sydney)
National Trust of Australia
Inside Mining (Edge Custom Publishing)
Local Search
Maribrynong City Council
CSMA Club Magazine (UK)
National University of Singapore
Custom Made Media
Education Services Australia
Illustrator Melbourne Australia
NSW Government