A company’s success ultimately depends on the talent in its control tower.

This one of several illustrations to accompany articles for the journal HQ Asia Magazine published by The Human Capital Leadership Institute.
The brief: to create an image that illustrates “a company’s success ultimately depends on the talent in its control tower” using a theme that combines robots on a Mars-like planet and use a control tower.



title: illustration for the cover
brief: to illustrate a robot being re-programmed.


How CEOs are gearing up for the future

title: Future Proof
brief: To illustrate “how CEOs are gearing up for the future” with a robotic workforce on planet Mars.

Understanding The Turkish Psyche

brief: an illustration reflecting the comments by leading Turkish executives on their thoughts regarding “the understanding the Turkish psyche”

Women who hold up the sky

title: Why Women are the future?
brief: this article is about how the future workplace is dependent on gender diversity, the client wish to have an illustration based upon Mao Zedong’s quote “women hold up half the sky” with an executive boardroom feel.

layout sample

Layout using the illustration “Understanding the Turkish Psyche”


layout sample

layout using “Women Holding up Half the Sky”

layout sample

magazine layout using the illustration “Future Proof”

sample layout

magazine layout using “Control Tower Your Workforce”

layout sample

sample of spots illustrations used in the Magazine

layout sample

series of spot images about Leadership used in HQ Asia Magazine

Special thanks to Katie at The Illustration Room for giving me the opportunity to work on this project.

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