virtual illustrated map based on a Sydney suburb where the community get together to reunite a lost cat and dog with their owner using social media.

Designing A New Way

BUILT OFFSITE: Designing Sustainable Communities Cover illustration of print edition BUILT OFFSITE: BIM Future Building Designing a New World Original concept sketch, from simple things great things grow. BUILT OFFSITE: BIM Future Building Designing a New World Designing Sustainable Communities publication: Built Off-Site client: Boston Publishing brief: Using built offsite methods of construction to create […]

Property Unwrapped

Illustration for print and digital publications BUILT OFFSITE: BIM house hunting Handy Guide to Finding the Right Property brief: To highlight the journey of finding the right property to buy use: Editorial Cover Illustration and Digital Publishing

Vipassana Retreat | The Good Weekend

“A 10-day Vipassana retreat offers a way to turn down the volume on modern life. But first, boredom, tiredness, sweat and the fires of hell must be endured”

Built Offsite

Sustainability Check & BAlances BUILT OFFSITE:Sustainability Check & BAlances Built Cover: Sustainability Done A Forethought BUILT OFFSITE:Sustainability Check & BAlances publication: The Good Weekend SMH/The Age client: Fairfax Media represented by: The Illustration Room “From it conception on the drawing board the design for a project for an off-site build has to go through rigorous […]