Designing A New Way

Designing Sustainable Communities Using built offsite methods of construction to create designs for sustainable communities of the future,  The original sketch Detail of the illustration Use: magazine cover | website

One Line Drawing of the Young Bob Dylan

young bob oneliner illustration A great of relaxing I find is to take your pencil for walk along one-line. It is a puzzle with pleasing outcomes. This one line drawing of a young Bob Dylan is in fact really two lines. Vector line based on the original pencil sketch of the young Bob Dylan (above) […]

Vipassana Retreat | The Good Weekend

“A 10-day Vipassana retreat offers a way to turn down the volume on modern life. But first, boredom, tiredness, sweat and the fires of hell must be endured”

Built Offsite

Cover Built Offsite

BUILT OFFSITE |Check & BAlances From it conception on the drawing board the design for a project for an osssite build has to go through rigorous checks and balances to ensure quality, safety, sustainability and compliance. client: Boston Publishing publication: Built Offsite |Prefabaus Use: Magazine Cover and website

Bobby D Guitar Boy

Bobby guitar I created this for my son’s 19th birthday. Mildly inspired by Bob Dylan. client: self directed